Hello World!

Hello World!

First of all, thanks for reading this! It took a lot of contemplation and courage for me to publish this piece. Or begin to write, for that matter.

I am a business graduate from Dhaka, Bangladesh. I just moved to Toronto, Canada, and pivoting my career into the tech world.

I worked as a marketing professional for 4 years before deciding to pursue a career in tech. My work is what actually inspired me to explore this path - I used to manage apps and web apps for a telecommunications company in Bangladesh. My job required me to ensure the usability and the profitability of the services but I always wanted to know what went on behind the scenes. Since these were all third-party apps and they always came to me as finished products, I never had the chance to explore the technical side.

Then, along came the pandemic. With work going online and without all that time wasted on the commute, I had more time to spend on other interests. And that's where my coding journey began.

I started exploring self-learning websites and spent a lot of time on Codecademy and freecodecamp. I learned very quickly how important a community is when learning something new at this stage in life. I found that I had the need to discuss concepts and bounce off ideas. And not to forget the phantom looming over our heads: imposter syndrome.

So when my move to Toronto was finalized, I decided to enroll in a web development boot camp. After a ton(!) of research, I picked BrainStation and graduated 2 months ago with not only polished coding skills but also a great community as my first support system in this country!

I intended to write during the boot camp, but it was too intense to spend time on anything else. But better late than never, and here I am! I am going to (try to) write about concepts that I had trouble understanding and will try to explain them as best as I can. I hope my articles help at least one person out there like so many have helped me.

I am always open to suggestions. If anyone has any tips for this novice writer, please leave a comment!